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Environmental Assessment and Related Documents

Taggart Miller Environmental Services, a joint venture of Taggart Investments Inc. and Miller Waste Systems Inc. (Taggart Miller), has completed the environmental assessment for a proposed integrated waste management project to be known as the Capital Region Resource Recovery Centre (CRRRC).

As required under section 6.2(1) of the Environmental Assessment Act and in accordance with the Terms of Reference approved by the Minister of the Environment on December 17, 2012, Taggart Miller has submitted its environmental assessment to the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change for review and approval.

As required pursuant to the Environmental Assessment Act, the environmental assessment will be available for public review and comment from January 2, 2015 to February 20, 2015.

You may review and/or download the environmental assessment from this website below or during normal business hours at the following locations:

Carlsbad Springs Community Centre
6020 Piperville Road
Carlsbad Springs, Ontario
See website for hours and contact information
Taggart Miller Environmental Services
Taggart Realty
225 Metcalfe Street, Suite 708
Ottawa, Ontario
613-234-7000 ext 235


Township of Russell Public Library
1053 Concession Street
Russell, Ontario
City of Ottawa Public Library,
Blackburn Hamlet Branch
199 Glen Park Drive
Ottawa, Ontario


Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change
Ottawa District Office
2430 Don Reid Drive
Ottawa, Ontario
Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change
Environmental Approvals Access and
Service Integration Branch
2 St. Clair Avenue West, Floor 12A
Toronto, Ontario M4V 1L5



Comments on the environmental assessment must be submitted in writing and/or by fax to the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change by February 20, 2015.  All comments must be submitted to:

Lorna Zappone, Special Project Officer
Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change
Environmental Approvals Branch
2 St. Clair Avenue West, Floor 12A
Toronto, Ontario  M4V 1L5
Tel: 416-314-7106/1-800-461-6290
Fax: 416-314-8452

A copy of all comments will be forwarded to the proponent for its consideration.

If you have any questions or need further information about this project, please contact:

Mr. Hubert Bourque, Project Manager
Taggart Miller Environmental Services
c/o 225 Metcalfe Street, Suite 708
Ottawa, Ontario K2P 1P9
Tel: 613-454-5580
Fax: 613-454-5581

All personal information included in a submission – such as name, address, telephone number and property location – is collected, maintained and disclosed by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change for the purpose of transparency and consultation.  The information is collected under the authority of the Environmental Assessment Act or is collected and maintained for the purpose of creating a record that is available to the general public as described in s.37 of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Personal information you submit will become part of a public record that is available to the general public unless you request that your personal information remain confidential. For more information, please contact the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change’s Freedom of information and Privacy Coordinator at 416-327-1434.


The complete Environmental Assessment Study Report consists of the following components:

VOLUME I Environmental Assessment


TSD #1 – Comparison of Alternative Sites
TSD #2 – Atmosphere - Noise
TSD #3 – Atmosphere – Air
TSD #4 – Biology
TSD #5 – Land Use & Socio-Economic
TSD #6 – Archaeological Assessment
TSD #7 – Cultural Heritage Evaluation Report
TSD #8 – Agriculture
TSD #9 – Traffic Impact Study
TSD #10 – Leachate Management

VOLUME II Consultation Record

VOLUME III Geology, Hydrogeology and Geotechnical Report

VOLUME IV Design and Operations Reports

Property Value Protection Plan (PVPP) (5 Km) (515 KB PDF)

Waste Diversion Protocol

Waste Diversion Protocol


Peer Review Reports


Public Consultation
Public participation by the local community and other interested parties is an important and essential part of the Terms of Reference and subsequent Environmental Assessment process.  You are invited to participate in consultation events and/or to contact Taggart Miller directly.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
As part of Taggart Miller's commitment to keeping the public informed about the proposed facility, we have developed a series of answers for frequently asked questions. This list is updated regularly, so please visit the site often.
To see the list of FAQs, please click here.


Who we are
Taggart Investments Inc.
Taggart Investments Inc. is a highly regarded Ottawa-based family owned business which was founded in 1948. The organization has grown to consist of four major operating companies (Tamarack Homes, Doran Contractors, Taggart Realty Management and Taggart Construction Ltd.) employing over 350 staff and providing diversified services to a broad public and private sector client base.

Miller Waste Systems Inc.
Miller Waste Systems Inc. is part of The Miller Group, a privately owned diversified Canadian Company that since 1916 has provided the public and private sectors, in North America, with road construction and rehabilitation, waste management and recycling services, transit operations, and aggregate-based materials, asphalt, cement and ready-mix concrete products.  Formed in 1961 in Markham, Miller Waste Systems is a diverse waste management services provider in Ontario, Manitoba and the Maritimes, operates more than 450 collection vehicles and has over 850 employees. 


Purpose of the recycling facility
The primary focus of the proposed Capital Region Resource Recovery Centre (CRRRC) is resource recovery and diversion of materials away from disposal. To divert materials away from disposal as much as possible, Taggart Miller is committed to providing the industrial, commercial and institutional (IC&I) and construction and demolition (C&D) diversion capacity that is currently lacking in eastern Ontario.  Taggart Miller intends to build a state-of-the-art recycling facility for IC&I and C&D materials for residents and businesses in eastern Ontario. While every measure will be taken to recycle material, there will be a need for the disposal of residual and non-recyclable waste. We are proposing to provide this on site.
Click here to review the detailed project description.

Environmental Assessment (EA) Process
The EA process begins with the developed of Terms of Reference which is essentially a document that outlines all the studies that will be undertaken during the EA. Following a second open house, this Terms of Reference will be submitted to the Minister of the Environment for review. Should the Minister approve the Terms of Reference, then the EA process and the associated studies will be carried out. Following this work, the EA report will be submitted again to the Minister of the Environment for review and a decision on whether the proposed will receive approval under the EA Act.


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